Peace and Development Advisors Fellowship Programme on Gender Responsive Peacebuilding

Led by Torunn L. Tryggestad
Mar 2018 - Mar 2018

​The PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security and the UNDP Oslo Governance Center co-host the third cohort of the Peace and Development Advisors (PDA) Fellowship Programme on the topic of ‘Gender Responsive Peacebuilding’ from 5–16 March 2018 in Oslo.

The PDA Fellowship Programme

In 2016, the UNDP Oslo Governance Center (OGC) in partnership with the Joint UNDP-DPA Programme established a Peace and Development Advisors (PDA) Fellowship Programme. This programme consists of several cohorts, each involving between 4–6 PDA's and/or PDA-like conflict prevention specialists over a period of about two weeks. The programme involves guided reflections to help draw out the Fellows' experience on pre-identified conflict prevention and peacebuilding issues.

The purpose of this programme is mainly to capture and disseminate the rich insights of these practitioners; gauge their views and experiences; strengthen exchange amongst the Fellows and the broader community of practice; and finally to encourage the Fellows to explore the impact of their work and learn from their peers. It will also help focus on substantive and operational challenges, ultimately contributing to a more effective support of PDAs and conflict prevention specialists to national partners and UN Country Teams.

Gender Responsive Peacebuilding

For the 2018 PDA Fellowship Programme, selected Fellows working at the country level will be expected to explore the topic of 'Gender Responsive Peacebuilding' in-depth and generate new insights and knowledge on the topic. They will get an opportunity to reflect on their work supporting gender responsive peacebuilding at the local and national level, and identify both the added value and challenges that they have observed. It is hoped that during the course of this programme they will be able to contribute to suggesting recommendations for strengthening gender responsive peacebuilding.