Kaja Sparre Bakke

Master's Student

Kaja Sparre Bakke
Kaja Sparre Bakke left PRIO in 2022. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

  • Autoctratization and democratic erosion
  • Democracy
  • Contentious politics and protest movements
  • Repertoires of contentious politics
  • Civil war and rebel insurgencies
  • Quantitative methods
  • Statistical modelling


​I am currently enrolled in the Peace and Conflict Studies programme at the University in Oslo and writing my thesis as part of the UiO-PRIO Student Program. Employing quantitative methods, my thesis project explores the mechanisms linking democratic erosion events and subsequent mass mobilization in defence of democracy. Essentially, I ask when citizens will take to the streets to defend democracy. 

At PRIO I'm also involved with the project Women Ambassadors in the UN Security Council: A Decade in Review, where I code and build datasets as well as assist with the project's methodological development.


2020 –             MPhil in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Oslo

2016 – 2019     BA in International Studies, University of Oslo and McGill University

Work experience

2022                 Research assistant, PRIO 

2021                 Research assistant, NUPI

2021                 Seminar teacher, University of Oslo

2020                Intern at the Norwegian Embassy in Reykjavik, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2019 – 2020    Student associate in the Department of International Monetary Policy, Norges Bank


Norwegian, English, basic French