Anita Schjølset

Senior Researcher

Anita Schjølset
Anita Schjølset left PRIO in 2010. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

I am currently working on the project 'NATO and the Women: Exploring the Gender Gap in the Armed Forces.' The focus of this project is to explore the variation in representation of women in armed forces across NATO countries. The research focuses on:

  • Summary and analysis of existing research findings and literature on recruitment of female personnel across NATO countries.   
  • Discussion of strategies and techniques for recruiting women in NATO countries and assessment of the relevance for Norway.

The preliminary findings will be presented in a seminar about ‘Women in Uniform & Peacekeeping Operations’ at PRIO, tentatively in February, 2010.


Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, and (German)


2008, Ph.D. Degree from the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles. The title of the Ph.D. dissertation is ‘Institutional Variance of the Democratic Peace, 1816-2002: Electoral, Executive, and Federal Systems in Time and Space.’

1996, Cand. Polit. Degree from the University of Trondheim (NTNU) with a Master’s degree in Political Science. The title of the Master’s thesis was ‘Are Some Democracies More Peaceful Than Others? A Suggestion for Extending the Democratic Peace Perspective.’

1994, Cand. Mag. Degree from the University of Trondheim (NTNU) and the University of Bergen (UIB) with the following subjects: German language and literature, comparative politics, political science, and statistics.


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All Publications

Book Chapter

Olsson, Louise & Anita Schjølset (2015) Women’s participation in international operations and missions, in Gizelis, Theodora-Ismene; & Louise Olsson, eds, Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UN Resolution 1325. Milton Park and New York: Routledge.

PRIO Policy Brief

Schjølset, Anita (2010) Closing the Gender Gap in the Armed Forces: The Varying Success of Recruitment and Retention Strategies in NATO, PRIO Policy Brief, 4. Oslo: PRIO.

PRIO Paper

Schjølset, Anita (2010) NATO and the Women: Exploring the Gender Gap in the Armed Forces, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

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