Women in Nepal’s Transition

PRIO Policy Brief

Kolås, Åshild & Bishnu Raj Upreti (2016) Women in Nepal’s Transition, PRIO Policy Brief, 11. Oslo: PRIO.

​​The 2006 signing of Nepal’s Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) was the beginning of a long process of transition and social reconstruction. Women achieved an unprecedented representation in constitution-making, especially in the first Constituent Assembly (CA). The second CA finalized the new Constitution in 2015, and so​on after, Nepal’s first female President and Speaker were elected. In this policy brief we reflect on the contributions of Nepali women to the post-war constitution-making process, to gauge what the considerable female representation has meant, the key challenges, and what has been accomplished. ​

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ISBN: 978-82-7288-698-0