PRIO, the Center for the Study of Civil Wars (CSCW) at PRIO and the World Bank have the pleasure of inviting you to a seminar on Gender and Conflict Research.

The demographic consequences of violent conflict are tremendous and highly gendered. Conflict affects women and men differently. It usually leads to high levels of male mortality and permanent displacement of women and men, which create imbalances in communities' sex ratios that affect marriage and fertility. At a time when poverty and vulnerability increases, women often become single heads of household and sole providers for their families. In response, they tend to increase their labor force participation and assume tasks previously considered to be exclusively male duties. This affects the intra-household division of labor and women's status within the household.

Research looking at such gender differentials in the impact of violent conflict will be discussed in a seminar co-hosted by PRIO, CSCW and the World Bank on December 10, 2010. Based on country case studies from Burundi, Colombia, East-Timor, Rwanda, Nepal, and Tajikistan, international researchers will present new empirical evidence of the effects of violent conflict on schooling, employment, health outcomes, fertility, assets, coping strategies, and intra-household time-use.

Please see attached seminar programme for details.