PRIO in collaboration with the Georgetown Institute for WPS (GIWPS) has just published a new PRIO Paper on the Women, Peace and Security Index: A Global Index of Women's Wellbeing. The paper is written by GIWPS researcher Jeni Klugman and PRIO researchers Marianne Dahl and Ingrid Vik Bakken.

The achievement of gender equality has been a prioritized goal for the international community for many years. The WPS Index aims to track the progress on women's rights and female empowerment in 153 countries. Women's wellbeing is measured along three dimensions – inclusion, injustice, and security. The index thus provides an important tool with which to understand key achievements in this field, as well as insights into the work that remains to achieve gender equitable societies.

The WPS index is developed jointly by the GIWPS and PRIO, and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The index was initially launched in November 2017 in the United Nations in New York, after which it received widespread attention. Other successful launch events have later taken place at PRIO's offices in Oslo and in the OSCE in Vienna.

Read the new PRIO Paper here.