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Julie Lunde Lillesæter/Differ Media

PRIO has long been a leader in researching gender-based violence in conflicts; this issue has been the subject of extensive research interest at PRIO. For that reason, PRIO researchers were thrilled to see the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize go to Dr. Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad for their work combating sexual violence. We have compiled a list of PRIO-related publications and researchers relevant to this topic in anticipation of increased interest.

Peer reviewed articles, papers/reports, and datasets

Preventing Sexual Violence in War: Is Fighting Impunity the Only Game in Town?

Gendered Battlefields. A Gender Analysis of Peace and Conflict

GEO-SVAC Dataset

Narratives of Support and Resistance: A Political Psychological Analysis of the Implementation of UNSCR 1325 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Does Artisanal Mining Increase the Risk of Sexual Violence? Micro-level evidence from Eastern Congo

The Military Perpetrator: A Narrative Analysis of Sexual Violence Offenders at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Social Inclusion of Survivors of Sexual Violence: How Do Support Programs Work?

Artisanal mining, conflict, and sexual violence in Eastern DRC

From Pain to Empowerment?

Victim and Survivor: Narrated Social Identities of Women Who Experienced Rape During the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sexual Violence in Times of War: A New Challenge for Peace Operations?

Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict: Introducing the SVAC Dataset, 1989–2009

Therapeutic Work With Victims of Sexual Violence in War and Postwar: A Discourse Analysis of Bosnian Experiences

Responsibility to Protect or Prevent? Victims and Perpetrators of Sexual Violence Crimes in Armed Conflicts

Kjønnsbasert vold i krig: Hvordan få god kunnskap og på hvilken måte?

Sexual Violence and War: Mapping out a Complex Relationship

Norm Entrepreneurship in Foreign Policy: William Hague and the Prevention of Sexual Violence in Conflict

Social Inclusion of Survivors of Sexual Violence: How Do Support Programs Work?

The Elephant in the Room: An Overview of How Sexual Violence came to be Seen as a Weapon of War

Seksualisert vold i krig – antakelser og utfordringer

Silence Breakers in War and Peace: Research on gender and violence with an ethics of engagement

Sexual Violence in Times of War. An Annotated Bibliography

Do States Delegate Shameful Violence to Militias? Patterns of Sexual Violence in Recent Armed Conflicts

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Peacekeepers: Understanding Variation

Kvinner og væpnede konflikter: To forskjellige verdener?

Books and book chapters

Gender, Peace and Conflict

Assessing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Peacekeepers

Conceptualizing Sexual Violence Perpetrators in War

Perpetrators of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict

Sexual Violence in the Post-Yugoslav Wars

Is Femininity Inherently Peaceful? The Construction of Femininity in War

Sexual Violence in the Post-Yugoslav Wars

Kjønn, Krig, Konflikt

Seksualisert vold som våpen i krig

Securitising Sexual Violence: Transitions from War to Peace (in Intimate Partner Violence, Risk and Security)

The Political Psychology of War Rape: Studies from Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Prevalence of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence. When, Where and By Whom? (in Peace and Conflict 2017)

Seksualisert vold i krig of konflikt

Seksuell utnyttelse og overgrep i internasjonale operasjoner

The Use of Sexual Violence in Times of War: A Review of the Scholarly Literature

Voicing Silence: A political psychological analysis of the aftermath of the Bosnian war-rapes

Policy briefs

Continued Failure to End Wartime Sexual Violence

Therapeutic Prosecutions?

Civilian Targeting by Militias: The Important Role of States

Preventing Perpetrators: How to go from protection to prevention of sexual violence in war?

Sexual Violence by Militias in African Conflicts: Not a question of ‘delegation’ by states

Sexual Violence in African Conflicts, 1989–2009: What the data show

Preventing Conflict-related Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence on the Decline? Recent debates and evidence suggest ‘unlikely’

Sexual Violence in African Conflicts

Sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict settings

Popular articles, newsletters, and blog posts

Kjønn i krig og konflikt, med Inger Skjelsbæk

Why the Nobel Peace Prize went to 2 people fighting sexual violence in war

Empowering Survivors of Sexual Violence in DR Congo

No Peace Without Women!

Governments Don’t Outsource Atrocities to Militias. Here’s What Really Happens

Women, Peace and Security?

Kvinners kropp som slagmark

Gender Financing at the UN Peacebuilding Fund

Bare Beskyttelse?

https://gps.prio.org/Publications/Publication/?x=1237 In War, Not All Violence is Equal

Beyond Sexual Violence: Gendered Political Insecurity as a Threat to Peace

Tainted by Stigma

Claims About Global Decline in Sexual Violence Spark Debate

Four Things Everyone should know about Wartime Sexual Violence

The British are Impatient to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

Why Isn’t Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Treated the Same as Gender-Based Violence in Humanitarian Contexts?

Myanmar: What now for Women and Minorities?

Soldaten som overgriper

What’s Wrong with the Idea that ‘Robots don’t Rape’?

The Time Has Come for Dr. Denis Mukwege to Win the Nobel Peace Prize

Four things everyone should know about wartime sexual violence

"It's not small talk material" - om krig, fred, vold og forskning

Projects and other materials

Missing Peace Initiative

Missing Peace Symposium 2013 (video)


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