On 5 December Jenny Lorentzen held a seminar on Understandings of Gender in Security Sector Reform in Mali at PRIO.

Her presentation pertaining understandings of gender in the security sector reform in Mali explored different gendered implications and interpretations by national and international actors. Lorentzen is a Postdoctoral fellow at Lund University and is affiliated with PRIO. The seminar was held as a part of PRIO’s research group seminars and was co-organized by the Peacebuilding Research Group and the Gender Research Group.

For the Gender Research Group (GRG), Lorentzen's seminar constituted the ninth in-house seminars in 2022. Other topics have included Gender and disarmament, The Women, Peace and Security Index, Social media on sexual and gender-based violence in Myanmar, and the Norwegian Armed Forces and the deployment of women military personnel to UN peacekeeping. The GRG function as a way of strengthening and developing PRIO research which directly or indirectly include gender perspectives. The informal nature of these seminars allows the presenters to discuss current and potential future research, projects or papers while receiving comments and feedback from their peers. The GRG, led by Louise Olsson, meets approximately once a month and is co-organized with Stine Bosheim at the GPS Center.