The PRIO GPS Centre participated as mentor in a pilot project at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Two student groups were given the task to provide inputs to the Norwegian MFA in their development of a new National Action Plan (NAP) on Women, Peace and Security (WPS). On 11 January the student groups presented their solutions to the Norwegian MFA Stine Bosheim has been engaged as a mentor for a pilot project at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences in the fall of 2022. The pilot project aimed at increasing students' awareness of different approaches to working on topics related conflict, peace, and peacebuilding. The pilot also intended to connect potential future employers with the students and give the students some insights into both institutions, organizations and others working on the topics of war and peace.

Two student groups mentored by PRIO GPS Centre met with the Norwegian MFA on 11 January where they both presented their solutions as well as discussed the topics of Women, Peace and Security together with representatives from the MFA.

The pilot was a co-organized project between Ungt Entrepenørskap and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. NOREF and Nansen Centre for Peace and Dialogue were also mentors together with PRIO GPS Centre.