On International Women's Day 8 March, PRIO organized a seminar to discuss internal displacement and its gendered impacts.

The seminar was opened by UN Special Adviser on solutions to internal displacement, Robert Piper, who discussed internal displacement and the gendered impacts of displacement. PRIO Research Director Halvard Buhaug gave a presentation titled "We tried to predict flood displacements and failed. This is why", followed by PRIO Research Professor, Marta Bivand Erdal who asked the question “Can protracted displacement end”. The presentations was followed by a panel discussion by the presenters in addition to Gunn Jord Roset for the Norwegian MFA, and Laila Matar from the Refugee Council. The panel discussed the differentiated and gendered needs of displaced persons and how do various causes of internal displacement affect men and women differently, in the short and long term.

This event was co-hosted by PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security, PRIO Migration Centre and the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies and introduced and moderated by PRIO Research Director Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert.