Missing Peace Global Symposium 2023. Photo: USIP
Missing Peace Global Symposium 2023. Photo: USIP

Missing Peace Global Symposium on Conflict-Related Sexual Violence - Taking Action Together with Survivors, Policymakers, Practitioners and Scholars

The conference was held at USIP’s premises in Washington DC. The symposium brought together leading researchers from diverse disciplines, survivors of different conflicts, practitioners, and policymakers to advance a multi-pronged approach to ending the atrocity of conflict-related sexual violence. About 100 participants, in addition to a large online participation, got together for three days to listen, learn and share their expertise and knowledge.

The conference was organized along three main tracks defining the focus of each day of discussions. Day one: Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: A decade of Research, Policy and Practice. Day two: Looking Ahead: New Approaches and Breaking Down Silos for Impact. Day three: Next Steps for Research and collaboration. The full program can be found here.

The Missing Peace Initiative was initiated in 2012, and it aims to examine the issue of sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict settings, identify gaps in knowledge and reporting and explore how to increase the effectiveness of current responses to such violence. Inger Skjelsbæk, Ragnhild Nordås, Torunn L. Tryggestad and Stine A. Bosheim were present from PRIO at the symposium.

More information about the initiative can be found here and here.