New Blog Post: Artificial Intelligence, Warfare, and Bias


7 September 2021

New Blog Post: Artificial Intelligence, Warfare, and Bias
Photo: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

"​…under the Bush and Obama administrations there was a lower threshold for killing men than women with drones…", writes research assistant Kelly Fisher in his latest blog post on artificial intelligence (AI), warfare, and bias. 

​"When you think about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and war, you might find yourself thinking about killer robots, like those we have seen in movies such as The Terminator.

In reality, AI and warfare looks quite different from these popularized images, and today we see many countries around the world exploring the use of AI and implementing AI systems into their militaries and defense programs. With this increased interest in AI, there has also been a growing debate about the ethics and legality of using AI in warfare. While there are many concerning aspects about AI being utilized in warfare, one that is particularly troubling, but has also received less attention, is that of biased AI systems."

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