Gender, Peace and Conflict

Edited volume

Smith, Dan & Inger Skjelsbæk, eds, (2001) Gender, Peace and Conflict. London: Sage Publications.

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Gender is increasingly recognized as central to the study and analysis of the traditionally male domains of war and international relations.

This book explores the key role of gender in peace research, conflict resolution and international politics. Rather than simply 'add gender and stir' the aim is to transcend different disciplinary boundaries and conceptual approaches to provide a more integrated basis for research and study. To this end Gender, Peace and Conflict uniquely combines theoretical chapters alongside empirical case studies to demonstrate the importance of a gender perspective to both theory and practice in conflict resolution and peace research.

The theoretical chapters explore the gender relationship and engage with the many stereotypical elisions and dichotomies that dominate and distort the issue, such as the polarized pairs of femininity and peace versus masculinity and war. The case study chapters (drawing on examples from South America, South Asia and Europe, including former Yugoslavia) move beyond theoretical critique to focus on issues such as sexual violence in war, the role of women in military groups and peacekeeping operations, and the impact of a 'critical mass' of women in political decision-making.

Gender, Peace and Conflict provides an invaluable survey and new insights in a central area of contemporary research. It will be essential reading for academics, students and practitioners across peace studies, conflict resolution and international politics.


Foreword - Angela E. V. King

Acknowledgements · Introduction Inger Skjelsbæk and Dan Smith

  1. Women, Peace and the United Nations: Beyond Beijing Dorota Gierycz - The Problem of Essentialism Dan Smith - Is Femininity Inherently Peaceful? The Construction of Femininity in the War Inger Skjelsbæk - Women & War, Men & Pacifism Michael Salla - Gender, Power and Politics: An Alternative Perspective Errol Miller - Women in Political Decisionmaking: From Critical Mass to Critical Acts in Scandinavia Drude Dahlerup - Promoting Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution: Gender Balance in Decisionmaking Anuradha Mitra Chenoy and Achin Vanaik - Integrating a Gender Perspective in Conflict Resolution: The Colombian Case Eva Irene Tuft - The Use of Women and the Role of Women in the Yugoslav War Svetlana Slapsak - Gender Difference in Conflict Resolution: The Case of Sri Lanka Kumudini Samuel Notes on contributors Bibliography Index
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