A Neglected Agency: Female and Male Minors in DDR Processes

Policy brief

Hauge, Wenche Iren (2020) A Neglected Agency: Female and Male Minors in DDR Processes, GPS Policy Brief, 2. Oslo: PRIO.

The participation of children and adolescents in armed conflicts is widespread. It takes place globally, in different political, economic, social and cultural contexts. The UN Operational Guide to the Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Standards (IDDRS) has specific recommendations for minors coming out of armed conflict, stating that minors should be separated from adult soldiers within 48 hours of their arrival to a demobilization zone. It also recommends family reunification and reintegration back into the local community. However, neither context nor gender dimensions are sufficiently taken into account in the guide. Case studies reveal serious problems with these recommendations. This policy brief examines these issues through a recent case study of Colombia.

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