The Militarization of Opulence: Engendering a Conflict Heritage Site

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Demetriou, Olga (2012) The Militarization of Opulence: Engendering a Conflict Heritage Site, International Feminist Journal of Politics 14 (1): 56–77.

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This article investigates the processes through which a site, thought to encapsulate the history of the Cyprus conflict, has been militarized in multiple ways. Defined as a site of negotiation since its opening, Ledra Palace Hotel has instead been a place where conflict has diachronically persisted. The masculinization and militarization of this environment is addressed within a gender-focused analysis that emphasizes the normalization of violence. This approach reveals the political potential of acknowledging conflict dynamics hitherto obfuscated by hegemonic conceptualizations of ‘the conflict’.

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