Gender Rights and Peacebuilding

Led by Olga Demetriou

Jan 2012 – Jan 2015


The project worked on UNSCR 1325 through supporting the lobbying efforts of the Gender Advisory Team (GAT) and pursuing academic publications. GAT has been coordinating with civil organizations since its inception in 2009 s well as with policy and other practitioners. Academic activities have included publications in the journal Feminist Review and in edited volumes on conflict and peacebuilding. In 2014, GAT produced a second policy brief focused on citizenship-related matters. The brief drew on insights from previous academic events and meetings and addressed the aspects of (i) citizenship rights (ii) family structure (iii) militarism and (iv) education. The report was presented to contacts, networks, and circulated electronically to negotiators, UN officials, embassies, politicians, and posted on publically accessible sites.

For more also see the project Gender Aspects of Human Security.

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