Gender and Mediation Literature Database Project

Led by Pinar Tank

Oct 2020 –

​The Gender and Mediation Literature Database is a project that aims to curate expert knowledge on key themes in relation to gender and mediation.

The Gender and Mediation Literature Database is a project that aims to curate expert knowledge on key themes in relation to gender and mediation. The overarching aim is to connect research to policy and provide policymakers with the most significant and relevant research for their needs. This applied project may be used as a resource when identifying and formulating policy that meets the commitments noted in Norway's National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security (2019 – 2022).

As the literature on gender and mediation has evolved, the field has expanded into more specific themes addressing various facets of peace processes and the role of gender therein. In consultation with policymakers at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this project identifies key areas that impact gender and mediation to provide research resources for policymakers engaged in peace processes. This is done through the establishment of a database of the most important literature organized into distinct areas of study within the field of gender and mediation. The database is hosted by PRIO's Centre on Gender, Peace and Security (GPS Centre) and serves to strengthen the centre by creating a resource for students and academics working on issues related to gender, peace and security. The database includes scholarly sources as well as policy articles and reports from reputable organizations.

As part of the project, the team has written several “backgrounders” intended as concise guides to the thematic literature. These give a synopsis of the key issues for each theme and although non-exhaustive, they seek to summarise general trends in the available literature at the time of writing and cite important cases. Where relevant, they also give recommendations for policy makers. The backgrounders aim to facilitate the work of policymakers in accessing critical literature and applying it to their needs in mediation processes as well as directing researchers to key sources. These backgrounders can be found under "related publications".

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