Alva Myrdal, Research, and Nuclear Disarmament

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3 October 2017

Alva Myrdal, Research, and Nuclear Disarmament
Photo: Dutch National Archives / Wikimedia Commons

The time for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize is coming up, and as identified by PRIO’s Director, there are many worthy laureates.

35 years ago, Alva Myrdal (1902-1986) received the prize for her work with nuclear disarmament – a question that has unfortunately resurfaced and is again a likely theme for the peace prize. To a peace researcher, Alva Myrdal’s approach and attitude towards the role of knowledge in reversing a negative conflict trend is inspiring, particularly at a time when darkness appears to be drawing ever closer. As expressed by the Nobel committee chairman,

“…her name has become a rallying point for men and women who still cling to the belief that in the last resort, mind is bound to triumph over matter.”

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