Marianne Dahl

Senior Researcher

Marianne Dahl
Work phone: +47 22 54 77 98
Mobile phone: +47 98 82 28 86
Twitter: @climatesecurity


​​​​​​My major research interests includes: Non-Violence, Civil War Theory, Post-Conflict Stability, Political Economy and Statistical Modeling.

My PhD project; 'Desisting from Violence: The selection of Non-Violent vs. Violent Strategies', is on the strategic choices made by opposition groups, and what causes a non-violent, violent or mixed strategy.

Working Experience

2017 - : Senior Researcher

2017 - : Deputy Editor, Journal of Peace Research

Languages spoken

Norwegian, English and Spanish


2017: PhD at the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences - NTNU

2007-2009: M. Phil, Political Science, University of Oslo

2006-2007: Courses in Sociology and Political Science,

                  University of California, Berkeley

2003-2006: BA, Comparative Politics, University of Bergen


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All Publications

PRIO Paper

Klugman, Jeni & Marianne Dahl (2018) The Women, Peace, and Security Index: A Global Index of Women’s Wellbeing, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - Other

Klugman, Jeni; Amie Gaye; Patty Chang; Arjun Krishnan; Marianne Dahl; & Roudabeh Kishi (2017) Women, Peace, and Security Index 2017/18: Tracking Sustainable Peace through Inclusion, Justice, and Security for Women.Washington, DC: GIWPS and PRIO.