Siri Aas Rustad

Research Director

Siri Aas Rustad
Mobile phone: 47 917 00 274
Twitter: @SiriRustadPRIO
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Research Interests

I have a wide range of research interests, which can be divided in to three main categories.

The first category is related to conflict data and trends. In particular I'm interested in seeking to find what hidden stories the data tell us. Further, I have also worked extensively on ceasefires and non-state conflicts.

The second category is human consequences of conflicts. This entails research on inequalities, aid efficiency, maternal and child health, education, sexual violence and in particular children in conflict.

Finally, a large share of my research is devoted to natural resources and environment. I have looked at the resource curse, natural resource management in post-conflict, EITI, climate change, and conflicts related to new energy projects and climate mitigation projects such as REDD+


​​Languages spoken:

English, Norwegian

Selected work experience:

Research Director, Conditions for Violence and Peace, PRIO Feb-July 2021

Research Professor, Conditions for Violence and Peace, PRIO 2020-present

Senior Researcher, Conditions for Violence and Peace, PRIO 2012-2020

Researcher/PhD candidate at PRIO (2008-2012)

Research Assistant at PRIO for Nils Petter Gleditsch and Scott Gates (November 2005- December 2007)

Coordinator for PRIO’s Peace Research Course at the International Summer School at Blindern (Summer 2006)

Project Coordinator for North Caucasus, Building Peaces

Teaching statistical method and software (MA-level) – Noragric, Norwegian University of Life Science (2012-2018)


2008-2012: PhD (Department of Sociology and Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

2002-2005: Cand.polit. (Political Science from NTNU, Reading University, and PRIO)

1998-2001: Cand.mag. (Political Science, History and Macro Economics, from NTNU and Charles University, Praha)

Selected fellowships and awards:

‘Conflict Trends’, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Project leader (NOK 3 million yearly) (2016-2023)

‘Green Curses’, Research Council of Norway, Norglobal, Project leder (NOK 6 million) (2020-2023)

‘Development Aid, Effectiveness, and Inequalities in Conflict-Affected Societies’, Research Council of Norway, FRIPRO, Project deputy (NOK 9 million) (2017-2019)

‘From a Curse to a Blessing? Transparency and Accountability in Managing High-Value Natural Resource Revenues’, Research Council of Norway, collaborator FRIPRO (NOK 7 million) (2014-2017)

‘The social, economic and political impacts of the extractive industries in Brazil: The case of Hydro and the Barcarena region in Pará’, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Project leader (NOK 2.4 million) (2014-2016)

‘Female Empowerment in Eastern DRC’, Research Council of Norway, NORGLOBAL Division, collaborator (NOK 5 million) (2014-2016)

‘Conflict Trends’, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Project deputy (NOK 11.4 million) (2013-2016)


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The following publications are specific to the PRIO GPS Centre. A more complete list is available at

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Amisi, Christine; Rosalie Biaba Apassa; Aline Cikara; Gudrun Østby; Ragnhild Nordås; Siri Aas Rustad & John Quattrochi (2018) The impact of support programmes for survivors of sexual violence: micro-level evidence from eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Medicine, Conflict and Survival 34(3): 201–223.
Østby, Gudrun; Ragnhild Nordås & Siri Aas Rustad (2016) Does Artisanal Mining Increase the Risk of Sexual Violence? Micro-level evidence from Eastern Congo, Quality in Primary Care 24(2): 77–80.
Nordås, Ragnhild; Siri Aas Rustad & Gudrun Østby (2016) Artisanal mining, conflict, and sexual violence in Eastern DRC, The Extractive Industries and Society 3(2): 475–484.
Rustad, Siri Aas & Ragnhild Nordås (2013) Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Peacekeepers: Understanding Variation, International Interactions 39(4): 511–534.

GPS Policy Brief

Rødningen, Ida & Siri Aas Rustad (2022) The Role of Women in Ceasefires: A Literature Review, GPS Policy Brief, 6. Oslo: PRIO.
Klugman, Jeni; Siri Aas Rustad; Kaja Borchgrevink & Marianne Dahl (2022) Women, Peace and Security Index 2021/22, GPS Policy Brief, 3. Oslo: PRIO.

Book Chapter

Rustad, Siri Aas & Ragnhild Nordås (2015) Assessing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Peacekeepers, in Olsson, Louise; & Theodora-Ismene Gizelis , eds, Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UNSCR 1325. London: Taylor & Francis (138–162).

PRIO Paper

Alldén, Susanne; Siri Aas Rustad; Ragnhild Nordås; Rosalie Biaba; John Quattrochi; Aline Cikara; Christine Amisi & Gudrun Østby (2016) Social Inclusion of Survivors of Sexual Violence: How Do Support Programs Work?, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

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