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All types of publications by PRIO researchers that deal with gender questions are listed here.

The PRIO GPS Centre publishes the GPS Policy Brief series and the quarterly newsletter PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update.

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Chang, Patty & Louise Olsson (2021) Advancing Women, Peace and Security in the UN Security Council: Critical Choices for Elected Member States, IPI Global Observatory, 7 October.
Joshi, Madhav & Louise Olsson (2021) What's at stake for women in Afghanistan, Political Violence at a Glance, 15 April.
Olsson, Louise & Madhav Joshi (2021) What's Next for Women's Rights in Afghanistan?, Political Violence @ a Glance, 13 September.
Olsson, Louise; Roudabeh Kishi & Elisabeth J. Wood (2021) New Perspectives on Preventing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, The International Peace Institute (IPI) Global Observatory, 16 February.


Dyvesether, Natalie M. (2019) What Does Gender Equality Have to Do with Poverty and War? Everything., PRIO Blogs, 4 November.


Hansen, Julie Marie (2018) The Other Side of Facebook in Myanmar, PRIO Blogs, 12 November.


Hansen, Julie Marie; Kristin Lund; Laura Mitchell; Rita Sandberg; Elisabeth Slåttum; Torunn L. Tryggestad & Hilde Salvesen (2017) “No backsliding” on Women’s Inclusion in Peace Mediation, PRIO Blogs, 27 October.
Luedke, Alicia & Jasmine-Kim Westendorf (2017) Why Isn’t Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Treated the Same as Gender-Based Violence in Humanitarian Contexts?, PRIO Blogs, 20 November.
Tryggestad, Torunn L. & Melanne Verveer (2017) Hvordan har de det, egentlig? [How are women doing, really?], Dagsavisen, 13 December.
Verveer, Melanne (2017) A More Comprehensive Measure of Women’s Wellbeing, PRIO Blogs, 28 November.


Lorentzen, Jenny (2016) Dagen derpå for likestilling i utenrikspolitikken med Trump som president, Dagsavisen Nye Meninger.
Lorentzen, Jenny (2016) Why Trump Is Bad News for Gender Equality in Foreign Policy, PRIO Blogs, 18 November.


Hatay, Mete (2015) Osmanlı ve İngiliz Döneminde Toplumsal Cinsiyet [The Gender Politics During Ottoman and British period], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 27.09.2015.
Lemaitre, Julieta & Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2015) Beyond Sexual Violence: Gendered Political Insecurity as a Threat to Peace, IntLawGrrls.
Lemaitre, Julieta & Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2015) From IDPs to Victims in Colombia: Transition from Humanitarian Crisis through Law Reform?, Reliefweb.
Lohne, Kjersti & Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2015) What's wrong with the idea that 'robots don't rape'?, Open Democracy.
Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora & Kjersti Lohne (2015) Lethal Autonomous Weapons: Killing the ‘Robots-don’t-Rape’ Argument, IntLawGrrls.
Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora (2015) An academic New Year’s resolution for Colombia: understanding continued gendered violence as a threat to positive peace, IntLawGrrls.
Stanton, Jessica; Ragnhild Nordås & Dara Kay Cohen (2015) Governments don’t outsource atrocities to militias. Here’s what really happens., Washington Post - Monkey Cage, 22 December.


Nordås, Ragnhild; Dara Kay Cohen & Elisabeth J. Wood (2014) Four things everyone should know about wartime sexual violence, Washington Post - Monkey Cage, 9 June.


Nordås, Ragnhild (2013) AJPS Blog: Guest Post by Ragnhild Nordås, 1, 24 September.
Skjelsbæk, Inger (2013) Soldaten som overgriper [The soldier as perpetrator], Forsvarets Forum, 1 December.


Harpviken, Kristian Berg & Inger Skjelsbæk (2012) Kvinner skaper endring [Women create change], Flyktningregnskapet 2012.
Nordås, Ragnhild (2012) Spekulasjoner om seksuell vold [Speculations on Sexual Violence], Dagsavisen, 16 November.


Skjelsbæk, Inger & Kristian Berg Harpviken (2011) Gledelig Fredspris [A Peace Prize to Celebrate], Dagbladet, 7 October.
Skjelsbæk, Inger (2011) Barnas usikre verden [Children's Insecure World], Dagsavisen, 5 August.
Skjelsbæk, Inger (2011) Kvinners kropp som slagmark [Women's Bodies as Battlefields], UNICEF Magasinet, February.
Skjelsbæk, Inger (2011) Norwegians Must Build a Climate of Hope, Not Fear, San Francisco Chronicle, 10 August.
Tryggestad, Torunn L. (2011) Ingen fred utan kvinner [No Peace Without Women], Nye Meninger, 19 January.


Harpviken, Kristian Berg & Inger Skjelsbæk (2010) Skjerp fredspolitikken! [Sharpen the Peace Policy!], Aftenposten, 29 November.


Skjelsbæk, Inger (2009) Bare Beskyttelse? [Only Protection?], Dagbladet, 6 October.
Tryggestad, Torunn L. (2009) FNs leder har betydning [Who Heads the UN makes a Difference], Dagsavisen, 25 September.


Tryggestad, Torunn L. (2008) Ahtisaari var en pionér for kvinnene [Ahtisaari was a Pioneer for the Women], Dagsavisen, 10 December.


Skjelsbæk, Inger (2007) Kvinner i Kamp [Women in Battle], Morgenbladet, 24 August.
Tryggestad, Torunn L. (2007) FN, fred og tryggleik: Finst det ein plass for kvinner? [The UN, Peace and Security: Is there Room for Women?], FN-magasinet.
Tryggestad, Torunn L. (2007) Likestilt til å delta [Equal Right of Participation], Dagbladet, 19 August.


Skjelsbæk, Inger; Helga Hernes & Torunn L. Tryggestad (2006) Fred og fattigdom [Peace and Poverty], Dagbladet, 10 December.
Tryggestad, Torunn L. (2006) Tiden neppe inne for en kvinne [Time is Hardly Ripe for a Woman], Dagsavisen, 16 July.


Tryggestad, Torunn L. & Inger Skjelsbæk (2005) Det kvinnelige sikkerhetsbegrep [The Female Concept of Security], Morgenbladet, 2 December.


Skjelsbæk, Inger (2003) Flere kvinner i forsvaret [More women in the military], Dagbladet, 22 December.