Publications 2015

All types of publications by PRIO researchers that deal with gender questions are listed here.

The PRIO GPS Centre publishes the GPS Policy Brief series and the quarterly newsletter PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update.

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PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update

Hansen, Julie Marie & Jenny Lorentzen (2015) 15 Years of UNSC Resolution 1325, PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update, 2015: PRIO.
Hansen, Julie Marie; Torunn L. Tryggestad & Jenny Lorentzen (2015) Women’s Legal Mobilisation in a Violent Context: Lessons from internally displaced women’s organisations in Colombia, PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update, 2015: PRIO.
Lorentzen, Jenny & Julie Marie Hansen (2015) PRIO Launches New Centre on Gender, Peace and Security, PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update, 2015: PRIO.
Lorentzen, Jenny; Julie Marie Hansen & Torunn L. Tryggestad (2015) Somali Women’s Civic Engagement: Past, Present and Future, PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update, 2015: PRIO.

GPS Policy Brief

Hauge, Wenche Iren (2015) Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Processes (DDR): The Gender Asset, GPS Policy Brief, 1. Oslo: PRIO.

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Devane, Declan; Odidika U.J. Umeora; Primus Che Chi; Johanne Sundby; Paul Spiegel & Henrik Urdal (2015) Improving maternal, newborn and women's reproductive health in crisis settings, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2015(8): 1–26.
Hudson, Heidi (2015) (Re)framing the Relationship between Discourse and Materiality in Feminist Security Studies and Feminist IPE, Politics & Gender 11(2): 413–419.
Lemaitre, Julieta & Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2015) Shifting Frames, Vanishing Resources, and Dangerous Political Opportunities: Legal Mobilization among Displaced Women in Colombia, Law & Society Review 49(1): 5–38.
Shey Wiysonge, Charles; Pierre Ongolo-Zogo; Primus Che Chi; Nkengafac V. Motaze & Jean Serge Ndongo (2015) Government regulation of private health insurance, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2015(4): 1–14.
Skilbrei, May-Len; Kjersti Lohne & Anette Bringedal Houge (2015) Gender and Crime Revisited: Criminological Gender Research on International and Transnational Crime and Crime Control, Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention 16(2): 160–174.
Skjelsbæk, Inger (2015) The Military Perpetrator: A Narrative Analysis of Sentencing Judgments on Sexual Violence Offenders at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Journal of Social and Political Psychology 3(1): 46–70.
Sundby, Johanne; Patience Bulage; Primus Che Chi & Henrik Urdal (2015) A qualitative study exploring the determinants of maternal health service uptake in post-conflict Burundi and Northern Uganda, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 15(18).
Tryggestad, Torunn L. (2015) FN som normspreder: Kvinner, fred og sikkerhet, Internasjonal Politikk 73(2): 275–284.
Urdal, Henrik; Johanne Sundby; Patience Bulage & Primus Che Chi (2015) Perceptions of the effects of armed conflict on maternal and reproductive health services and outcomes in Burundi and Northern Uganda: a qualitative study, BMC International Health and Human Rights 15(7): 1–15.
Urdal, Henrik; Patience Bulage; Primus Che Chi & Johanne Sundby (2015) Barriers in the Delivery of Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care in Post-Conflict Africa: Qualitative Case Studies of Burundi and Northern Uganda, PLOS ONE 10(9).

Book Chapter

Hudson, Heidi (2015) Untangling the gendering of the security-development nexus, in Paul Jackson, ed., Handbook of International Security and Development. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing (47–63).
Olsson, Louise & Anita Schjølset (2015) Women’s participation in international operations and missions, in Gizelis, Theodora-Ismene; & Louise Olsson, eds, Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UN Resolution 1325. Milton Park and New York: Routledge.
Rustad, Siri Aas & Ragnhild Nordås (2015) Assessing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Peacekeepers, in Olsson, Louise; & Theodora-Ismene Gizelis , eds, Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UNSCR 1325. London: Taylor & Francis (138–162).
Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora & Julieta Lemaitre (2015) From IDPs to Victims in Colombia: A Bottom-Up Reading of Law in Post-Conflict Transitions, in Saul, Matthew; & James A. Sweeney, eds, International Law and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Policy. London and New York: Routledge (251–271).
Skjelsbæk, Inger (2015) Women, War, Violence and Peacemaking – International Developments, in Kjersti Ericsson, ed., Women in War: Examples from Norway and Beyond. London: Ashgate (217–236).
Urdal, Henrik & Primus Che Chi (2015) War and Gender Inequalities in Health, in Gizelis , Theodora-Ismene; & Louise Olsson, eds, Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1325. Abingdon: Routledge (116–137).

Edited Volume

Gizelis, Theodora-Ismene; & Louise Olsson, eds, (2015) Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UN Resolution 1325. Milton Park and New York: Routledge.

Popular Article

Hatay, Mete (2015) Osmanlı ve İngiliz Döneminde Toplumsal Cinsiyet [The Gender Politics During Ottoman and British period], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 27.09.2015.
Lemaitre, Julieta & Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2015) Beyond Sexual Violence: Gendered Political Insecurity as a Threat to Peace, IntLawGrrls.
Lemaitre, Julieta & Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2015) From IDPs to Victims in Colombia: Transition from Humanitarian Crisis through Law Reform?, Reliefweb.
Lohne, Kjersti & Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2015) What's wrong with the idea that 'robots don't rape'?, Open Democracy.
Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora & Kjersti Lohne (2015) Lethal Autonomous Weapons: Killing the ‘Robots-don’t-Rape’ Argument, IntLawGrrls.
Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora (2015) An academic New Year’s resolution for Colombia: understanding continued gendered violence as a threat to positive peace, IntLawGrrls.
Stanton, Jessica; Ragnhild Nordås & Dara Kay Cohen (2015) Governments don’t outsource atrocities to militias. Here’s what really happens., Washington Post - Monkey Cage, 22 December.

Master Thesis

(2015) Community Perceptions Towards Survivors of Sexual Violence: A qualitative study from the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.. MA thesis, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, Oslo.

Conference Paper

Belbo, Ragnhild; Gudrun Østby; Henrik Urdal; Andreas Forø Tollefsen; Andreas Kotsadam & Christin Marsh Ormhaug (2015) Armed conflict and maternal health care Micro-level evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa., presented at the Annual Convention of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA, 3–6 September.

PRIO Policy Brief

Nordås, Ragnhild (2015) Civilian Targeting by Militias: The Important Role of States, Conflict Trends, 7. Oslo: PRIO.
Sveaass, Nora; Rikke Marie Gjerde Kvaale & Inger Skjelsbæk (2015) Therapeutic Prosecutions?, PRIO Policy Brief, 4. Oslo: PRIO.
Kolås, Åshild (2015) Women's Empowerment in India: From participation to political agency, PRIO Policy Brief, 6. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - Other

Palmiano Federer, Julia; Julie Marie Hansen; Salai Issac Khen; & Naw Lar Say Waa (2015) Why gender matters in conflict and peace: Perspectives from Mon and Kayin States, Myanmar, UN Women. UN Women Myanmar.

Report - External Series

Gopinath, Meenakshi; & Nidhi Bhatnagar (2015) Women and Peacebuilding: Engendering Policy, WISCOMP Policy Dialogue, 3. New Delhi: WISCOMP - Foundation for Universal Responsibility.