Here you can browse current and past research projects at PRIO that deal with gender issues.

Sexual and Gender-based Violence

Women, Peace and Security Agenda

Gender and Peace Mediation

Gender and Migration

Women's Empowerment

Gender Dimensions of Peace and Conflict

Gender Dimensions of DDR in Colombia

Led by Wenche Iren Hauge

Equal Peace? Women’s Empowerment and Multicultural Challenges in War-to-Peace Transitions

Led by Inger Skjelsbæk

Gender and Countering Violent Extremism

Led by Inger Skjelsbæk

​International Norms and Political Change: 'Women, Peace and Security' and The UN Security Agenda

Led by Torunn L. Tryggestad

The Impact of Armed Conflict on Maternal and Women’s Reproductive Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Led by Primus Che Chi

Gender, Conflict and Peacebuilding Research at PRIO

Led by Torunn L. Tryggestad

Gender Rights and Peacebuilding

Led by Olga Demetriou

Gender in Politics in Somalia: Access and Influence in a Post-Conflict State

Led by Cindy Horst

Effects of Civil War on Maternal and Child Health

Led by Christin Marsh Ormhaug

Building Peace at Home

Led by Olga Demetriou

Abatangamuco - Engaging Men for Women's Empowerment

WOMENsPEACE: Gender Equality, Peace and Security in Nepal and Myanmar

Led by Wenche Iren Hauge

Peacekeeping, Poverty, and Development: Towards an Understanding of the Gendered Peacekeeping Economies in the DRC, Sudan, and Liberia

Making Women Count for Peace: Gender, Empowerment and Conflict in South Asia

Led by Åshild Kolås

Armed Conflict and Maternal Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Led by Gudrun Østby

Social Media in Armed Conflict through a Gender Lens: The Case of Myanmar

Led by Julie Marie Hansen

Peace and Development Advisors Fellowship Programme on Gender Responsive Peacebuilding

Led by Torunn L. Tryggestad

From Hopeful Agreements to Disillusioned Peace? The effects of peace agreement implementation on women’s security and empowerment

Led by Louise Olsson