What’s at Stake for Women in Afghanistan?


20 May 2021

What’s at Stake for Women in Afghanistan?
Afghan women journalists. Photo: UN Photo

​With U.S. troops set to depart in September, women’s rights in Afghanistan depend on a comprehensive negotiated settlement—one that women have a role in shaping. Madhav Joshi,  Research Professor at the University of Notre Dame, and Louise Olsson, Senior Researcher at PRIO, have written an online article for Political Violence at A Glance on what's at stake for women in Afghanistan. 

​"As Afghan government representatives, the Taliban, and international observers participated in a Russian-hosted conference to jumpstart the stalled Afghan peace talks, the issues of women’s representation once again made the headlines. Only one woman participated in the conference—one woman representing 51 percent of the Afghan population."

Read the article here. 

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