ALTSÅ Article on Hypermasculine Heads of State


15 September 2021

ALTSÅ Article on Hypermasculine Heads of State
Photo: ALTSÅ

​Torunn L. Tryggestad, Director of the PRIO GPS Centre, and Johanne Rokke Elvebakken, Coordinator of the PRIO GPS Centre, have written an article for the Norwegian magazine ALTSÅ. Although the magazine addresses all genders, it mainly publishes articles and material about women. On 25 August, ALTSÅ was named Magazine of the Year at the annual awards ceremony for the Media Prizes. 

​In the 8th edition of ALTSÅ Tryggestad and Elvebakken discusses hypermasculine heads of state and how these leaders make the world more dangerous for women, as well as backlash against women’s rights and international frameworks such as the Istanbul Convention. The article is in Norwegian.