New Perspectives on Preventing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

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Muvumba Sellström, Angela; Louise Olsson; Stephen Moncrief; Karin Johansson; Chiara Ruffa; Amelia Hoover Green; Ann-Kristin ‘Anki’ Sjöberg; Roudabeh Kishi & Elisabeth J. Wood (2021) New Perspectives on Preventing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, The International Peace Institute (IPI) Global Observatory. 16 February.

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This blog presents key findings from a FORUM in International Peacekeeping on how peacekeeping prevention of Conflict Related Sexual Violence can be strengthened. With a new administration in the United States, hopes abound for renewed commitment to multilateralism, not least in the United Nations Security Council. A more engaged US coupled with the United Kingdom’s presidency of the Council in February is an important opportunity to awaken a sense that the UN is seized with preventing sexual violence and ready to consolidate progress.

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