The PRIO GPS Centre welcomes applications from MA students at the University of Oslo who would like to write their thesis at the centre. This opportunity is part of the UiO-PRIO MA Student Programme.

Key thematic areas of gender research at PRIO include: Sexual and gender-based violence; the Women, Peace and Security agenda/UN Security Council Resolution 1325; gender equality and women’s empowerment in relation to peace agreement negotiations and implementation, gender and peace mediation and negotiations; gender and migration; and gender and peacebuilding. MA thesis falling under the thematic area of ‘gender and mediation’ are particularly welcome, as are cases geographically focusing on Afghanistan, Colombia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine and South Sudan and statistical or comparative studies.

The PRIO GPS Centre is also looking for a student to write their MA thesis on the topic of Children Born of War as part of the EuroWARCHILD project. EuroWARCHILD is the first study to comprehensively examine different groups of war children in the European context; across different conflicts, security settings and generations. The project will present findings, which have the potential to have direct impact on policy concerns in many European countries today. EuroWARCHILD, therefore, aims to contribute to creating a better future for a new generation of war children in Europe by disseminating findings to scholarly and policy audiences alike. The project will be guided by the following overarching research question: How does a child born of war become a security concern, and what does it entail for the child who does?

Furthermore, MA students interested in gender dimensions are also encouraged to apply and to write their thesis on the topic of ethics of peace negotiations and mediation. MA thesis projects are invited that look into controversies concerning the fairness of how peace negotiations and peace mediation are organised and conducted. The projects can study the arguments of:

  • negotiating parties and mediators;
  • politicians and public opinion;
  • negotiation experts and commissioned evaluations;
  • scholarly literature on specific cases or on peace negotiation in general.

Read more about opportunities for MA students at PRIO and consult the general requirements of the programme here.

The application deadline is 21 May 2021.