2024 : 18 hits

March 2024

IPI and NAI Policy Forum - Shattering Glass: Advancing Women, Peace, and Security through the United Nations Security Council's Elected Ten

Wednesday, March 6th, PRIO Research Director Louise Olsson contributed to the International Peace Institute (IPI) and the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) event Shattering Glass: The United Nations Security Council, its Elected Ten, and Women, Peace and Security.

Rethinking Women's Roles in War and Peace: Insights from International Women's Day Panel

On International Women’s Day this year, the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Research at the University of Oslo hosted a thought-provoking conversation, examining the intersection of women and war.

Women’s Empowerment in India: From Rights to Agency

PRIO Researcher Åshild Kolsås, PRIO Global Fellow Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya and Eileen Connolly have co-edited the newly published Women's Empowerment in India: From Rights to Agency.

Africa Now: Women, Peace, and Security in Africa

Wednesday, March 20th, FOKUS, the Norwegian Council for Africa, and Changemaker Norge, brought together experts to discuss examples of current WPS efforts in the African context.

Integrating the Gender Perspective in High North Security: Insights from NATO's Deep Dive Session

On February 21, NATO International Military Staff (IMS) Office of the Gender Advisor conducted a deep dive session exploring the critical nexus between the High North's security landscape and gender perspective


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